YMG Report 2019

Feb 10, 2020

The Young Members group of the Company had a successful year in 2019. It started in January when a group of us went Go Karting at Capital Karts, followed by dinner at Canary Wharf. A great time was had by all.

In May, Past Master John Hayes was kind enough to take us on a guided tour of the City of London, showing us important sights from the Company’s history, such as the site of the Company Hall on Red Cross Street, which is now in the Barbican. We also learned were Sherlock fell from the roof in the Reichenbach Falls episode of the TV series. A wonderful dinner was then had at Cote Brasserie at the Barbican.

In July, members of the YMG attended the City Beer Festival, at Guildhall. This event allowed for people from all over the city to meet and enjoy some local produce on a sunny day after work.

In September, we played crazy golf at Swingers, in the City. It was a fun evening trying to improve our shots. We are not quite up to joining the Company Golf Society yet, but there were some promising shots.

We have just planned out our year ahead, and are looking forward to the following events:

March - Bowling

May – Visit to Fan Museum

July – City Beerfest

September – Tower of London and Monument visit

November - Karaoke

As soon as dates are finalised, they will be added to the Company diary.

If you are interested in attending our events, please email us on YMG@fanmakers.com or search for WCFM YMG on Facebook and get in touch.