Joining The Company

Joining the Company

Becoming a Liveryman

Enquiries from ladies and gentlemen of all nationalities, aged 21 and over, who are interested in joining the Fan Makers’ Livery should be made either, to a Liveryman of the Company, or to the Clerk whose contact details are as follows:

Mr Martin J. Davies
Skinners’ Hall
8 Dowgate Hill
London. EC4R 2SP

T: 020 7329 4633

In summary, the steps to be taken are:


Step 1: Introduction

Contact via the Clerk who can arrange a meeting with a potential Proposer; or an introduction to the Company by a Liveryman often, but not necessarily, as a guest at a Fan Makers’ function.

Step 2: Invitation

The Proposer ascertains the Candidate’s interest in joining the Company and involves a Seconder. It is at this stage that the Proposer ensures the Candidate is aware of the history, traditions, activities and aims of the Company, plus the recruitment process and the opportunities and obligations of becoming a Liveryman.

Step 3: Nomination

The Proposer requests a CV from the Candidate and explains the contents of the Proposal Form which the candidate completes in consultation with the Proposer and Seconder. The CV and Proposal Form are passed to the Clerk.

Step 4: Interview

The Clerk invites the Candidate to attend at the Company’s office in Dowgate Hill for a meeting with the Master & Wardens who then make their recommendation to the Court. The Clerk is in attendance.

Step 5: Freedom of the Company

If the candidature is agreed, the Candidate is advised and the Clerk issues a Freedom of the Fan Makers’ Certificate to the Candidate who is asked to attend the Chamberlain’s Court at The Guildhall to apply for the Freedom of the City of London. If the Candidate is already a Freeman of the City they go straight to Step 7.

Step 6: Freedom of the City

The Candidate takes the Freedom of the Company Certificate and their full Birth Certificate to the Chamberlain’s Office in The Guildhall to seek the Freedom of the City of London. Assuming the Freedom is granted (and this may take several weeks) the Chamberlain’s Court notifies the Candidate and an appointment is made for the Freedom of the City admission ceremony at The Guildhall which is normally undertaken by the Clerk to the Chamberlain. The Candidate may take guests with them.

Step 7: Admission to the Livery

After being admitted to the Freedom of the City, the Candidate is invited to the next Fan Makers’ Court meeting for admission as a Liveryman and, as a guest of the Proposer, to attend the black tie Court Dinner which follows immediately thereafter.

Step 8: Induction

The Proposer and/or Seconder introduces the new Liveryman to the other members of the Company. The Clerk and members of the Court of Assistants are available to answer any further questions.