1670 Guild of Fanmakers petition to Parliament


1697 Date on Company Mace


1709 Charter granted on 19th April by Queen Anne


1710 Company’s Hall in Red Cross Street

1711 Drawing up of (failed) By-laws


1726 Silver fan added to the Company Mace


1741 By-laws revised

1747 First Extant Records


1759 Master Richard Ringwood added Company Arms to the Mace


1775 Master Earliest surviving Minute Book


1809 Company granted livery of 60 on 20th June by the Court of Aldermen


1846 Company entertained the Lord Mayor for the first time


1870 The first competitive exhibition of fans, under Queen Victoria’s patronage at South Kensington Museum. Also a period of low interest in the Company due to declining trade caused by foreign competition

1877 Rebirth of the Company under Master Sir Homewood Crawford Banner of Company Arms presented

1878 Master’s Badge purchased by the Court Company Seal presented Second competitive exhibition of fans at the Drapers’ Hall

1879 Permission granted by the Court of Aldermen to increase the Livery Company from 60 to 100


1888 Sir James Whitehead becomes the first Fan Maker to become Lord Mayor


1897 Company presented a fan to Queen Victoria on 18th June, marking her Diamond Jubilee, and inaugurated the ‘Royal Autograph Fan’.

1899 Sir Alfred Newton becomes the second Fan Maker to be elected Lord Mayor


1902 Presentation of fan to Queen Alexandra on 24th June on her Coronation

1904 Sir John Pound becomes third Fan Maker to be elected Lord Mayor

1907 Sir John Bell becomes fourth Fan Maker to become Lord Mayor


1910 Company presents fan to Queen Mary on her Coronation

1915 Wardens’ Badges of Office presented to the Company

1917 Cook Fund established to benefit Liverymen of the Fan Makers in need

1918 Freedom of the Company presented to The Rt Hon Lord Morris for services to the British Empire


1926 Honorary Freedom of the Company presented to HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Mary


1934 Sir Stephen Killik elected fifth Lord Mayor Inauguration of the Latchford Prize Competition

1937 Presentation of ostrich feather fan to HM Queen Elizabeth on her Coronation

1939 Air conditioning recognised by the company as a modern form of the craft of fan making


1944 St Dionis Hall, Lime Street, first used as the Company Hall

1945 Sir Charles Davis elected as the Company’s sixth Lord Mayor

1946 First presentation of a fan to the Lord Mayor’s Lady

1948 Honorary Freedom of the Company presented to HRH Princess Alice, The Duchess of Gloucester. First modern Fan Maker elected Master


1951 The Poor Fund was instituted by Trust Deed for the relief of poverty, to supplement the Cook Fund, to advance education and religion, and for general charitable benefit

1952 Church Hall of St Botolph Without, Bishopsgate, restored and opened on 23rd October by HRH The Duchess of Gloucester as the official Company headquarters

1953 Fan presented to HM Queen Elizabeth II on her Coronation. Geoffrey Woods initiated prizes at Cranfield Institute

1956 HRH The Duchess of Gloucester became the first member of the Royal Family to dine with the Company at Skinners’ Hall, and presented five fans to the Company

1959 Company celebrated its 250th Anniversary of Charter at the Fishmongers’ Hall and the Mansion House attended by TRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester