Company Aims & Objectives

Statement of Aims

The main aim of the Company is to be the acknowledged repository of fan enthusiasm and expertise in relation to:

  • antique and modern ladies’ fans in conjunction with The Fan Museum and in association with the Royal College of Art, Fan Circle International, and other related associations*;
  • air-conditioning fans linked with the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers and manufacturers’ associations;
  • aviation and aerospace fans in association with Cranfield University, the Society of British Aerospace Companies, and the Defence Manufacturers’ Association;
  • Armed Forces’ fans in association with HMS Westminster, 217 Field Squadron RE, Number II (Army Co-operation) Squadron RAF, London Area Sea Cadets, the Middlesex and North-West London Army Cadet Force, and the London Wing of the Air Training Corps.

And to use all the skills of a mixed Livery in the promotion and development of such enthusiasm and expertise.

Statement of Objectives

  • Support HM The Queen, the Royal Family, the Lord Mayor of London, the Sheriffs and the City Corporation.
  • Play a full part in the promotion of the status of the City of London.
  • Pursue charitable objectives, especially with The Fan Museum.
  • Develop educational objectives, especially with The City of London Academy and Lansbury Lawrence School.
  • Promote the Fan Museum and organisations dealing with antique fans.
  • Care for our treasures.
  • Promote the modern fan industry and the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers.
  • Support our associations with units of the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force, and with the defence, aeronautical and aerospace industries
  • Develop the companionship of the Livery and increase membership to the number permitted by the Court of Aldermen.
  • Increase the value of the Company’s investments.
  • Strengthen corporate governance by the Master, the Wardens and the Court, with all committees, sub-committees and office bearers reporting to them via the General Purposes and Finance Committee.
  • Interact with other Livery Companies and Groups of Livery Companies such as the Construction Liveries Group.
  • Play our part in the spiritual life of the City of London.

Adopted by the Court at its Meeting on Thursday 23rd October 2008 following a review in preparation for the Company’s Tercentenary Year 2009.

* Examples are the Cercle de l’Eventail, the Fan Association of North America, the Textile Society, the East Bay Fan Guild, Associazone Cultare Il Ventaglio , the International Society for Collectors of hand-held fans, and the auction houses.