Company Appointments

Our Recent Appointments


Almoner: Past Master J. Allen
Archivist: Immediate Past Master Dr J. Bines, assisted by Liverymen Jeanette Hope & Paul Payne
Chairman, Charities Committee: Past Master Rear Admiral A. P. Hoddinott
Chairman, Hall Committee: The Foreign Warden 
Chairman, Livery Committee: Liveryman James McCarthy
Comptroller: Mrs Assistant Judith Mosely
Editor, News Letter: Mr Assistant Ian Block
Golf Society: Mr Liveryman Ken Burrage
Librarian: Past Master M. H. Blaker
Shooting Society: Vacant
Curator of the Treasures: Past Master J. C. Hayes

Affiliate Organisations & Associated Liaison Officers:

Aerospace & Aviation Industries: Past Master, Dr M. Smith
Air Conditioning Industries: Past Master J.C.R Naylor
CIBSE: Past Master J. C. R. Naylor
City of London Academy: The Clerk
Sustainable City Awards: Mr Assistant G. Cannell
Cranfield University: Past Master Dr M. Smith
London South Bank University: Past Master J. C. R. Naylor
Fan Circle International: The Master as Patron
Fan Manufacturers’ Association: Past Master J. C. R. Naylor
Fan Museum: Assistant (Honoris Causa) Miss A-M Benson
Lansbury Lawrence School: Liveryman G. Cannell
The Air Cadets: Mr Assistant A. P. Laurie
The Army Cadets: Mr Assistant M. Lakin
The Sea Cadets: Past Master Rear Admiral A. P. Hoddinott
217 Squadron (R.E.): The Foreign Warden
The British Army: Foreign Warden P. Dove
The Royal Air Force: Past Master, Dr M. Smith
The Royal Navy: Past Master Rear Admiral A. P. Hoddinott